One of the most cliché situations is standing before your overflowing wardrobe and having nothing to wear.

If dressing feels chaotic because you can’t come up with a single outfit for the day, what you need are fewer items that allow you more outfit combinations to simplify your dressing times.

 Definition: A capsule wardrobe is the holy grail of dressing. It’s a mini-wardrobe consisting of a few classic and durable clothes, shoes, and accessories that remain fashionable long after other trends have come and gone.


A capsule wardrobe is a lifesaver because:

  • Fewer items mean less clutter, making it easier to choose what to wear.
  • No more purchasing trendy clothing. Instead, you invest in timeless pieces.
  • No need to shop for every occasion because the few items you have are versatile.
  • Their durability means there’s less carbon footprint and less clothing in landfills.

But how do you start building a capsule wardrobe?

Step 1 - Declutter Your Wardrobe

The first step to building a capsule wardrobe is to go through your current one and remove whatever clothes, shoes, and accessories you’re ready to part with.

This way, you can focus on building it with the items you wear to death. These beloved pieces can be your favorite work skirt, summer dress, or weekend dark-wash skinny jeans. 

May 02, 2023 — Vagisha Sharma