We've all been there, browsing through a size chart and wondering which size would be the best fit for us. Well, let's take a moment and put those doubts to rest! All you need is a simple tool called a "tape measure," and I'm here to guide you through the process. So, let's measure ourselves to find that perfect fit!

Step 1: Bust

Find the widest point of your bust area, typically around the nipple line. Make sure your measuring tape is parallel to the ground. Gently wrap it around your bust, allowing it to snugly contour your curves. Make a note of the measurement.

Step 2: Waist

Now, let's move on to your waist. Locate the smallest point of your waist, usually an inch or two above your belly button. It's where your natural curves shine! Again, ensure your measuring tape is parallel to the ground and give it a gentle wrap around your waist.
(You're getting closer to finding your perfect fit!)

Step 3: Hips

Stand beside a mirror, and let's focus on your hips. Find the widest point of your hips. Wrap the measuring tape around this point, making sure it hugs your curves without being too tight or too loose. Take note of this measurement too.

Step 4: Thigh

Wrap the tape measure around the thickest part of your thigh. Ensure the tape is secure but not overly tight.

Now that you have your bust, waist, hips, and thigh measurements, you're all set to confidently purchase clothes without any doubts. With these four numbers in mind, you can shop with ease, knowing that you're well aware of your unique size. At Full Flow, we genuinely care about all women's bodies, and we've put a lot of thought into curating our patterns.

You may have noticed that our measurements are slightly different from what you see in other brands. That's because we understand that human bodies come in all shapes and sizes. When fashion companies create their patterns, they often start with a block pattern based on a fitting model's figure and body proportions. However, even if your bust measures 34 inches, you might find that the fit varies because the widest part of your bust differs from their pattern. The same goes for other measurements too.

But fret not! We've got you covered. We take these factors into consideration every time we create our patterns. We incorporate our own secret sources and expertise to ensure that our Full Flow lines are not only stylish but also comfortable. Our goal is to provide you with clothing that embraces your individuality and makes you feel confident and chic.

So, go ahead and explore our collections, knowing that we've put in the extra effort to cater to your specific needs. With Full Flow, you can enjoy the perfect blend of fashion and comfort, tailored just for you.

December 14, 2023 — Sung Kim