At Full Flow, we believe in designing clothes that seamlessly integrate into your life, and our "Shop the Look" section is an extension of our design philosophy. In this section, our design team puts together tastefully curated outfits, so you can find the perfect outfit for every aspect of your life, just like having a personal stylist by your side.

For the Spring/Summer 2023 season, we have created looks centered on three key themes: Long Over Long, Summer Layers, and Date Night.

Long Over Long:
The concept involves layering elongated pieces together, creating vertical lines from the shoulders down to below the knees. This makes our bodies appear leaner and taller. Additionally, as we move, the flowy and lengthy fabrics wrap around our body gracefully, enhancing our feminine allure.

Our Round-neck slip dress is a perfect foundational piece for our Long Over Long looks. Combine the slip dress with our Cobble Flow Dress, Notched Collar Elongated Jacket, or Full-Length Easy Cardigan to showcase your sophisticated style effortlessly.

Summer Layers:
Summer doesn't mean giving up layering. In fact, you probably need layering more as your environment changes more dramatically, moving between indoors and outdoors or transitioning from day to night. Our summer layered looks are curated to help you comfortably adapt to changing temperatures without feeling stuffed.

Using our oversized boxy shirt as a starting point, we've created multiple outfits by pairing it with our wrinkle-resistant pleated pants, skirt, and slip dress. Additionally, throw on our incredibly soft and lightweight scarf for elevated style and added functionality. Effortlessly transition from casual to sophisticated throughout the summer season while staying cool and cozy.

Date Night:
How do you solve this conundrum? You want to look stylish but don’t want to overdress and compromise on comfort. Moreover, you want to look polished, but it doesn't make sense to buy clothes just for special nights.

Our carefully curated date night looks attempt to solve these seemingly impossible problems. We started with our Round Neck Easy Tank, which is a extremely versatile elevated basic piece that has a lovely feminine neckline. Pair the tank with our Wrinkle-Resistant Pleated Skirt or Wide Maxi Pants, both extremely comfortable and stylish, and throw on an Easy Cardigan for a more polished look. As a final touch, just add a few accessories and your favorite heels, and you're ready for a date.

Our date night looks demonstrate how well-crafted elevated essentials can make you shine on any occasion with minimal effort.

All the outfits are thoughtfully designed and carefully curated, with every piece chosen to meet your ever-changing needs. With our designer-curated looks, you can discover your perfect style while saving both time and money. We are confident that you'll adore the new styles offered in this section, which is why we provide free shipping and hassle-free returns on all orders.

We invite you to try our curated looks risk-free and discover the joy of wearing clothes that truly express who you are with Full Flow.

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Happy shopping!

January 25, 2024 — Elly Choi